Stage. Collaborate. Deploy like a pro.

Discover the world’s most modern ecommerce platform — now featuring StagingPro, the comprehensive enterprise integration for staging. Seamlessly integrate staging environments with existing workflows and tools, all from within your BigCommerce control panel.

Accelerate development with the click of a button

Customize and innovate with even more agility. StagingPro is a highly automated, cost-effective staging solution that allows for web development at the speed your business demands.

Deploy your store to production in less time

Run multiple projects at once and save time with faster development and deployment cycles. Real-time automated push, pull, change and error notifications help boost collaboration, transparency and teamwork.

Create a true replica environment

Build staging websites as a true replica with the same data as a production environment, including theme. Then manage StagingPro environment launches all from your BigCommerce control panel.

Iterative, secure and scalable

Easily scale to keep up with changing business needs and collaborate with design, development and marketing teams. Staging integrates seamlessly with Github, Atlassian Jira and Microsoft, and is fully auditable with rollback capabilities.

Explore StagingPro’s enterprise-grade features

Simplified deployment

With an intuitive interface, users can contribute and push changes to production. Assure quality with a structured workflow review process and send code to production with confidence.

Data security and peace of mind

Anonymize customer data to ensure safe — and secure — testing environments. BigCommerce Production credentials are not required for StagingPro sharing — so there’s no compromise on security.

Code versioning with GIT

Our GIT-driven infrastructure allows for code versioning and command line pushes to other staging environments or production.